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Why Customers in Ballardvale, Massachusetts Prefer Aluminum Fences

Many customers prefer aluminum fences for residential yards and commercial lots in Ballardvale, Massachusetts. At Hulme Fence, you'll save money on aluminum because it's inexpensive and very durable.

Aluminum fences give great visibility

Because aluminum fences have spatial posts and rails, there is no obstruction to the view from either side. You can easily see out, and your home or business will also be clearly visible from outside of your aluminum fence. Proudly display the work that goes into maintaining your residence or place of business. Fencing is not only for security. It's also a way to decorate your property line and compliment your home or business. Installing an aluminum fence is comparable to framing a work of art. Show off that fresh coat of paint and great landscaping. While shopping for an aluminum fence in the Ballardvale, Massachusetts area, keep in mind that the color and look of your fence should compliment your yard and home. Aluminum fencing can be a gorgeous addition to your property. At Hulme Fence, we will help you select the best fence for your property, within your style preference and budget.

Aluminum fences are lightweight

Aluminum fencing is much lighter in weight than iron, steel, and even wood fencing. Its weight is comparable to vinyl and PVC fence options. Being lightweight makes aluminum fencing materials a lower cost to manufacture and ship. This affects the overall price of materials and makes aluminum fencing more affordable. The installation process is also easier because aluminum is so lightweight. As a result, the labor is cheaper and it costs less to install an aluminum fence than a heavy, solid fence. Self-installation is an option for customers who aren't afraid of DIY projects. Host a fence building party with your friends in xx County, OH and it will be a breeze!

Buying a Fence in Essex County, MA is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

There are three easy steps to building a fence in Essex County, MA. With over 15 years of experience, the Hulme Fence team is ready to help you. Shop around and consider all of the options, make the best selections, and plan to have your new fence installed. Visit our nearby location in Ballardvale, Massachusetts and let's get started on your fence building project together!


SHOP - Shop for residential and commercial fences in Ballardvale, Massachusetts and consider all of your local fencing options. Our premier brand, ActiveYards®, guides you to shop online for a new aluminum fence or vinyl fence for your home or business. You can also visit us at Hulme Fence in Ballardvale, Massachusetts or arrange for an at-home consultation. We are fully committed to making your fence building experience simple and hassle-free, from beginning to end!


SELECT - Select fencing materials and grades and customize your design with help from Hulme Fence. There are three grades of fencing to choose from, according to your budget and the functional needs for your fence. The Haven series, the Home series, and the Harbor series are different groups of fences that we carry at Hulme Fence, each with its own price range. We will help you to choose a strong and durable fence that fits!


INSTALL - Plan to self-install your fence, or utilize our 15+ years of fencing experience and let us do it! Thanks to our partners, installing a fence in Essex County, MA has never been easier or more affordable! The EZFence2Go® System makes it possible for customers to self-install their new fences. If you'd rather not DIY, we can arrange to install your fence for you. Our ActiveYards® Certified Pros are best at building beautiful fences that last!

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