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Find a Pelham, New Hampshire Fence Company

If you live in Pelham, New Hampshire or own a business in the area, you’re in luck! It’s easy to find qualified fence specialists here, and the most reputable ones work at Hulme Fence.

Hulme Fence is the best Pelham, New Hampshire Fence Company. We handle everything from fence installation to replacement and repair services, for residential and commercial properties.

Our knowledgeable staff goes beyond just trying to make a sale. We will answer your questions, help you to shop around, and provide the products and services you need to get a strong fence that will last.

Legal Info and Fence Codes in Pelham, New Hampshire

Hiring an experienced Pelham, New Hampshire fence company like Hulme Fence means you have nothing to worry about when it comes to legal requirements. However, if you plan to install a fence by yourself, research the local laws so you won’t have compliance issues.

There are a number of rules about putting a fence on your property. Bylaws include how high the fence must be around your pool, and mechanisms for locking and latching the gate. There are laws about visibility, and distance from your property line. Read up on yard fencing and pool fencing laws for Pelham, New Hampshire.

How to Order and Install a Fence in Pelham, New Hampshire

Order Locally
The best choice is ordering a fence through a Pelham, New Hampshire fence company like Hulme Fence and having it professionally installed. You’ll have the best possible outcome for minimal effort. This is the more costly option, but there is flexibility with your budget because you can choose fence materials that are less expensive.

Order Online
You can order a fence online and have it shipped to you. Once your fencing materials arrive, you can install your fence. Some fence companies like ActiveYards make it easy to buy a fence online but have it professionally installed. Find an authorized ActiveYards dealer in your area if you’re interested in this option.

Styles for Residential and Commercial Fences

Do you know what type of fence is best for your space? Aluminum fences, vinyl fences, iron, wood, and chain link fencing are some of the materials to choose from. Some fences are great for safety and security. Others are decorative. You might need a pool fence or one to keep kids and pets safe. We can help you narrow down the options and choose a style and layout based on your priorities.

Explore Your Options with Hulme Fence

Hulme Fence is located nearby in Methuen, about 20 minutes from Pelham, New Hampshire. You’re welcome to stop by during business hours. We can show you samples of the fencing materials and colors, along with photos of finished fences in many different styles and layouts.